Bracke P12.a


The Bracke P12.a is intended for planting in warm, dry conditions. It is suitable for plantation forestry, e.g. eucalyptus plantations. The Bracke P12.a can perform the entire scarification and planting process, or solely planting. The P12 could be equipped with our new, bigger seedling carousel. Integrated systems for irrigation and fertilization are also available as optional equipment for the Bracke P12.a.

New seedling carousel
The P12.a could be equipped with our new, bigger, seedling carousel. Instead of the 62, 72 or 88 seedlings the old carousel could be loaded with, the new carousel can take up to 196 seedlings, resulting in a significant increase in production. 

Irrigation and fertilization
Integrated systems for irrigation and fertilisation are available as optional equipment for the Bracke P12.a. Irrigation is achieved either by water gel or with water through the planting tube. Fertilisation is by granulated fertiliser via two tubes located on each side of the planting tube. 

The Bracke P12.a makes a planting bed at the bottom of a hole. The hole is formed by a specially designed foot; the seedling is placed in the bottom of the hole and, if the P12.a is equipped with fertilisation, granulated fertiliser is released at the same time through two separate pipes. Irrigation is achieved either using water gel while planting is in progress, or by water administered around the seedling during planting. To create a good planting bed, the soil must be loosened. This can take place beforehand using some kind of scarifier, such as a ripper. The Bracke P12.a can be fitted with a sub-soiler to loosen up the soil with the planter at each planting spot.

Control system
All functions are controlled from the driver’s cab using the system computer. The operator receives information such as plant pipe mode, the number of seedlings left in the tray, water consumption, etc. via the display in the cab. Planting depth, compaction, and other variables are easily adjusted via the display. The control system stores operating data such as the number of seedlings planted, working hours and production per hour. The display also includes diagnostic tools such as a list of disruptions and troubleshooting functions.

Technical data  
Base machine Excavator 16 – 20 metric tons
Weight 1100 – 1500 kg depending on equipment
Hydraulic requirements  
Pressure 150 bar
Flow 125 l/min
Seedling carousel 196 seedlings
Electrical system  
Power 24 V
Accessories Irrigation system
  Fertilizer system
  Scarification equipment

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