Dulnain Bridge Plant

On the 23rd and 24th September, staff from Bracke Forest visited Grantown on Spey to educate Dulnain Bridge´s operators on the Bracke P11.a planter.

Clark Engineering new Bracke dealer in the UK

Despite pouring rain, hard winds and +3°C, visitors came from far and wide during the two days of the demo. Ireland was also represented among the guests who Clark Engineering in Dumfries will from now on be representing in the UK for Bracke Forest AB. The dealership will, however, be limited to the felling head for biomass, the Bracke C16.

New Bracke P11.a Planter to Scotland

Scotland is where most of the Bracke Planters have been sold to in Great Britain, and now it´s time for the next one, as Christie Elite Nurseries, through its subsidiaries Dulnain Plant, has ordered its second Bracke P11.a planter.

Bracke Forest at Euroforest

France’s own “Elmia Wood” took place on the 19th – 21st June, to the north of Lyon. It was a crowded event and a pure gold rush for anyone with an interest in bioenergy.

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