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The Bracke T35.b is our largest and most powerful disc trencher, suitable for larger scarification objects. It attaches to large prime movers. Thanks to its flexibility, the Bracke T35.b provides very good results on all kinds of preparation objects. The Bracke T35.b permits the optimization of personnel and equipment.
The Bracke T35.b is designed to enable it to closely follow uneven terrain. The machine's hydraulics allow sideways arm movements and the disc to turn about its vertical axis if overloaded. The hydraulics are load-sensing and are connected to the prime mover. Central lubrication is standard on the Bracke T35.b.

Machine control
Bracke Growth Control, the control system, is based on a PLC platform and communicates over a CAN bus. With the new display, the control system is very user friendly. The disc trencher is fitted with sensors that send information to Bracke Growth Control about, for example, the prime mover's speed, the angle of the discs and the position of the arms. The control system has eight programmable operating programs chosen from the controls in the cab. The display is used to make settings in the control system and read information from the scarifier. All units communicate over the CAN bus. Bracke Growth Control keeps track of the scarified area and the distance covered, for both individual sites and in total, as well as the number of hours worked.
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