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About Bracke Forest
Bracke Forest has manufactured forestry equipment and machines since 1922. We design our machines to ensure that conservation of soil and the environment is taken into consideration to the greatest possible extent, without lowering the standards for technically and economically efficient forestry. We were, for example, the first company to manufacture machines that enable inverted turf-planting, a method that increases growth volume from 20 – 100 percent depending on the type of soil. All product development takes place in close co-operation with forestry companies, contractors and Swedish forestry research.

Focused on export
The factory is located in Bräcke, just outside Östersund, but our markets are mainly to be found outside Sweden. Our main international customers are in the northern conifer belt, especially in Canada and Finland. There is, however, growing interest from the Asia, southern Europe and Russia. Bracke Forest has 28 employees.

The philosophy of inverted turf planting
First-rate preparation of the soil is the basis of long-term sustainable forestry, and this is where the conditions are created for plants and seeds to survive and grow well. Bracke Forest has led the development of machines that produce planting mounds with inverted turf, a method that provides plants with more light and water, better access to nutrients and better root formation. It also reduces the risk of frost heaving, frost damage and insect attacks.
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