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Bracke S35.a - The intelligent seeder

The Bracke S35.a attaches to a scarifier rig and is used to sow in conjunction with scarification. The S35.a can be attached to the T21.a, the T26.a, the M26.a, the M36.a, and a even some older two- and three-row scarifiers. The seeder senses the scarifier rig's forward speed and regulates the seed feed accordingly. The seeder can also be synchronized with the scarifier, so that only scarified soil is sown.

The feeder handles each seed individually. As such, seed clumps and the associated costs of increased seed consumption are avoided. In the long run, this also avoids additional and time-consuming thinning work. The 35.a's settings are: number of seeds per meter and, for intermittent sowing, the interval time.
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